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ASAP (Specialized Accounting Courses )


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  • General and Higher Education Departments together implements the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) to amplify  working hands in different sectors of the economy, by providing additional skill sets to students along with their regular courses. Additional Skills Acquisition Programme (ASAP) has been developed  to impart sector specific skills to create a labour market ready work force.
  • ASAP envisages development of skill programmes in three levels.
  • The ASAP level 1 programme, which commenced during November 2012, is a combination of three courses, namely, Communication Skills in English, Basic IT and an Elective Domain Specific Skill Course. Level 1 ASAP Programme is of 300 – 330 hours duration, out of which 180 hours are devoted to Foundation Course that contains modules on communication skills in English and information technology. The other 120-150 hours are devoted to the skill sector chosen by the student for specialization. The focus of the foundation course is to develop soft skills that are essential to work efficiently in a corporate environment.

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